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The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader’s Day

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The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader’s Day

Revitalize Your Spirit and Empower Your Leadership

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Enrich your day with 21 minutes of high impact leadership principles – straight from the heavenly CEO.

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John C. Maxwell provides a 21-week course of study covering 21 leadership laws based on readings from the Bible. He served as a pastor in various churches for 25 years before leaving Skyline Wesleyan in San Diego in 1995 to devote his time to writing, speaking and teaching leadership. Perhaps because he is the author of many books like this one, his writing is clear and well-suited to the purpose of educating and inspiring others, particularly those who share his Christian faith. In each chapter, Maxwell offers a brief introduction to a new principle and then supplies relevant daily Old and New Testament readings for the work-week. He focuses more on stimulating meditation and introspection than on laying out a detailed path to leadership greatness. On the fifth day of considering each principle, Maxwell invites you to use a self-assessment exercise on his Web site to help you understand the principle more fully. He also asks you to share what you have learned with others within a couple of days; the idea being that teaching a principle is the best way for you to learn it most thoroughly. getAbstract finds this to be a very useful, practical and thought-provoking book for readers who want to study leadership lessons in the light of their religious beliefs – if that’s not you, then you’ll want to lead the way to the next classroom instead.


The “Laws of Leadership”

If you want to become a better leader, follow 21 “irrefutable laws” based on the Bible:

1. “The Law of the Lid”

Everyone sets a limit - a ceiling or lid - on his or her performance. The question is whether your ceiling is etched in stone or if you can raise it. For some, the ceiling is a self-imposed mental limit. It may not occur to them that they can do more. Other people are afraid of the risks involved in moving beyond their current boundaries. When you compare the Biblical figures of Saul and David, which one do you resemble? Consider Saul’s limitations (or “lids”) and how David, the poor shepherd boy, burst past his limits of age and inexperience to surpass everyone’s expectations. People often experience crises, and need help to change their lives and lift their lids. How can you lift the lids in your life and who can you call on to help you?

2. “The Law of Influence”

When Joshua received a divine order to lead the Children of Israel into their Promised Land, his new flock initially was not enthusiastic about his leadership. The people had known only Moses as their leader and didn’t want him to give up when Moses...

About the Author

John C. Maxwell is a renowned speaker, leadership expert, bestselling author and founder of training companies.

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