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The 7 Secrets to Selling More by Selling Less

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The 7 Secrets to Selling More by Selling Less

The Ultimate Guide to Reinventing Your Sales Life

Allan Langer,

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Tune in to your customers’ state of mind and emotions, prioritize them and tell them your price up front. 

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Alan Langer invented the word “Riptatrustaphobia” to describe a peculiar syndrome. Folks afflicted with this disease believe salespeople will inevitably try to cheat them. Langer offers “Seven Secrets” salespeople can use to cure this malady, win customers’ trust and make more sales. His welcome, witty manual is free of jargon and unnecessary detail. He shows salespeople how to increase their sales by understanding their customers (he includes helpful hints on reading body language) and putting their interests first and foremost.


Salespeople can learn to cure “Riptatrustaphobia” – customers’ certainty that sales people will cheat them.

Customers seldom trust salespeople and never trust strangers. When you first work with a prospect, you are usually both a seller and a stranger. Many prospective customers suffer from Riptarustaphobia (rip-tuh-trust-uh-phobia), the certainty that salespeople will try to rip them off and won’t treat them honestly. Despite a salesperson’s best intentions, he or she has to deal with an immense amount of distrust at the beginning of a customer relationship.

Salespeople can cure this malady by making a few crucial changes. Understand that you must try to help people rather than sell to them. Learn to read body language and nonverbal signals so you know when to boost your customers’ confidence. Abandon sales pitches and build a deep and trusting relationship so customers come to feel that, of course, they will buy from you.

Salespeople have faced distrust for a long time. In the 19th century, people used the phrase “snake oil salesman” – a fraudulent person who sells fake merchandise and knows it...

About the Author

Allan Langer is an experienced salesperson who worked in college athletics, public relations and fundraising before switching to direct selling.

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