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Bob Proctor, a protégé of radio speaker and author Earl Nightingale, is one of the world’s most popular motivational speakers. In this inspirational text, Proctor covers a wide range of engaging topics, including faith, confidence, courage, persistence, change and success. Most of his insights are gems, though some are a bit shopworn. Yet Proctor’s words energize and engage millions of people worldwide. In this compilation of bite-sized advice nuggets, he reassures readers that if you have sufficient faith and the proper knowledge and behave righteously, you can accomplish anything. Proctor translates life’s most eternal questions into usable verities expressed in clear, cogent and sometimes even profound prose. Those seeking inspiration and motivation will find his warm advice engaging.

About the Author

Best-selling author Bob Proctor has been a prominent motivational speaker for more than 40 years. His other books include The Art of Living, Thoughts Are Things and The Art of Thinking.



Aim to Get “Straight A’s”

Achievement depends on three A’s. The first is “awareness.” Become cognizant of the results of how you think and what you do. The “inner conditioning in your subconscious mind” controls your thoughts and actions, so learn to understand how you think. This takes focus and discipline and the willingness to avoid letting your emotions rule you. Study your reactions to various situations, and consider how you might become more aware.

“The second A is acceptance.” The buck stops with you. Accept responsibility for what happens in your life and the results you achieve. Then you can carry out the third A – “alteration.” You will enjoy far better results if you don’t try to alter your life until you have developed awareness and embraced acceptance. Altering your life takes time, effort and discipline – the basic qualities necessary for changing your conditioning. Alteration isn’t easy. Be prepared to overcome the obstacles in your path. Each time you do, you strengthen your “achievement muscle.”


Self-confidence comes in three varieties. People who have “false self-confidence” hide behind phony, usually elaborate, facades...

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