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The Art and Science of Training

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The Art and Science of Training

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Find out how to build and deliver great training programs.

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Training and development expert Elaine Biech packs her 30 years of experience designing, delivering and evaluating learning programs into a detailed manual of effective workplace training. She covers the essentials of adult learning theory and modern frameworks for learning program design – and even includes advice about which refreshments to serve at workshops. Biech stresses her core advice and theme to ensure that those who are new to leading learning and facilitation can create and teach first-rate training programs. 


Familiarize yourself with the most important adult learning theories and processes.

Excellent facilitation requires understanding the science of adult learning while practicing the art of tailoring training to your audience. Follow five steps of training development: 1) Analyze the problem to determine whether training fits; 2) design the program by determining, documenting and sharing your learning objectives; 3) develop your content by considering free or inexpensive available content before you create original material; 4) implement the training; and 5) evaluate its success against your objectives to adjust and improve. 

Craft your program using Bloom’s taxonomy, which defines learners’ mastery of the material you’re teaching across six levels:

  1. Simple knowledge – The ability to memorize facts.
  2. Comprehension – The ability to explain the learned material or skill.
  3. Application – The ability to use learning on the job.
  4. Analysis – The ability to break down new learning...

About the Author

Elaine Biech is president and managing principal of Ebb Associates, an organizational development firm. She custom-designs training programs for managers, leaders, and other trainers and consultants and has published more than 75 books.

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