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The Art of Finding Flow

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The Art of Finding Flow

How to Get in the Zone, Maintain Razor-Sharp Focus, and Improve Your Productivity and Performance at Will!

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Achieve flow – utter absorption in the task at hand.

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Athletes, artists and business innovators experience “a flow state” – complete absorption in the task at hand. An almost ecstatic condition, flow occurs when you do your best work for the sheer pleasure of it. Nothing distracts you, nothing worries you, nothing else exists but the present situation. Flow may seem a rare gift that only a lucky few enjoy, but anyone can induce a state of flow. Damon Zahariades outlines simple techniques you can practice to put yourself in a state of flow.


“Flow” is a state of utter absorption, in which nothing matters except what you are doing.

In the ecstatic condition of flow, people feel most alive, and the task at hand becomes so pleasurable that work becomes play. Many believe entering this immersive state requires a stroke of luck or a gift from the muses. But you can control the circumstances that put you into flow. Flow occurs when an activity is challenging, but your ability to carry it out should align with the task. If you don’t have the skills to do a job, your effort will end in frustration and stress. And if your skills exceed the job’s requirements, expect boredom. Aim for a suitable juncture between these.

Flow is not the disorder of hyperfocus associated with poor self-control and impulsiveness. Flow leads to enhanced creativity, heightened learning and positive stress – “eustress.” No matter what kind of work you do, flow can help. Even household chores can happen “in the zone.” Habits that induce flow include going for a walk, breathing exercises or certain music, for example. Everyone experiences flow differently. Although a feeling of focus and control without effort seems...

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