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The Basics of AI for Business summary
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The power of artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer limited to labs, universities and mega corporations like Google. Now even small businesses and individuals can train self-learning algorithms to work for their needs. AI expert Philipp Gerbert breaks down the myths surrounding machine learning and discusses its applications, though the nuts and bolts of how to train AI algorithms lie beyond the scope of this TED Talk. If you’re worried about how AI might affect your business or livelihood, Gerbert will teach you how to work with – rather than fear – AI.

About the Speaker

Boston Consulting Group senior partner Philipp Gerbert researches artificial intelligence’s influence on business.



Artificial intelligence (AI) will profoundly shape business and the labor force.

Many workers worry that AI eventually will eliminate their jobs. Instead of fearing the technology, employees ought to embrace it and learn how to integrate AI at work. Widespread acceptance of AI will come not through specialist technical experience but when masses of employees from various backgrounds develop a practical understanding of AI.

AI derives its power from the combination of its capacities for intuition and calculation.

AI boasts several quirks that require a mental shift in how people view the technology. First off, unlike conventional computers, which are “logic machines,” AI is an “intuition machine.” It learns from the data you feed...

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