The Best Team Wins

The Best Team Wins

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The way most managers recruit and hire new employees fails because the hiring managers don’t use a structured system. During interviews, they do the talking and learn little about the candidates. They base their hiring decisions on gut feelings, not hard data. At most companies, fewer than half of new hires work out. Hiring guru Adam Robinson has a better method for handling recruiting and hiring. He explains useful “processes, tricks and tools” you can use to recruit and hire the right people for your organization. Robinson’s clear, expert advice will be pertinent and valuable to anyone who hires other people, and those seeking jobs will find helpful ideas as well.  

Most companies perform poorly at hiring new employees and at training managers in how to recruit and hire. You can improve your hiring.

Robinson insists that securing the right employees is the greatest challenge companies face. Hiring demands risk management. Yet, he laments, most companies fail at the challenge of hiring. More than 90% of firms have no formal hiring process, even though employees are usually a firm’s biggest expense – usually around 70% of total expenses. Your workforce is often both your biggest cost and your greatest competitive edge. 

Most firms have more effective plans for how to buy paper, pens and folders than how to recruit and hire. Managers fail at hiring because their companies don’t teach them how. “The skill that will separate the mediocre managers from the truly exceptional,” the author writes, “will be their ability to find, recruit, hire and retain great people.”

About the Author

Adam Robinson is the founder and CEO of Hireology, a firm that helps business owners use cloud-based predictive data and technology to make hiring decisions.

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