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The Big Reset: Human-Centered Leadership

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The Big Reset: Human-Centered Leadership

Josh Bersin,

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Employers who treat their employees with empathy are most likely to weather the unpredictability of the post-pandemic economy. 

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A new leadership model took center stage during the pandemic: human-centered leadership. It sounds obvious – maybe even a little silly – at first glance. After all, shouldn’t leadership always focus on people? But human-centered leadership is revolutionizing corporate culture and appears to be on the ascendency. As business and economic trends evolve in increasingly rapid and unpredictable ways, managers will need to be more empathetic, flexible, patient and kind – indeed, more human – than ever. This deeply researched report from HR master Josh Bersin draws on discussions with more than 400 senior HR professionals, who are helping their companies develop more humane work cultures.


The 2020 pandemic forced global business executives to rethink their approach to leadership.

Companies emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic face a year of tremendous opportunity, and one of the most dynamic economies in decades. Most companies consider it inconceivable to return to business as usual. To remain agile and creative, many businesses are extending remote work arrangements and accelerating the digitization of their workforce. Many workers need more training to adapt to a new world in which technology and the skills to exploit it will dominate. 

Not only has the pandemic upended the economy and business models, but it has also created heavier workloads for employees. All recent studies show overwork, ...

About the Author

Josh Bersin, founder of the Josh Bersin Academy, is an analyst and educator studying the global talent market and the HR challenges facing global companies. 

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    B. C. 3 years ago
    The initial, clear articulation of the difference in focus between traditional and human-centered leaders helped dispel the notion that the HC approach is impractical and off-task (an important part of making a business case for HC leadership). The article also includes several practical examples which are helpful in making the notion of HC leadership come to life.

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