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The Book of Gutsy Women

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The Book of Gutsy Women

Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience

Simon & Schuster,

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What's inside?

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton tell how some “Gutsy Women” – both famous and unknown – have shaped world history.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton continue in print their decades-long conversation about strong, capable and brave women, both well known and unknown. The women and girls profiled made a difference in their communities and pioneered future opportunities for all women. An encyclopedic catalog of trailblazing women, this bestseller – which both authors acknowledge is far from comprehensive – will educate, inspire and entertain readers with its empowering overview of what women can achieve.


Dorothy Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s mother and first role model, was like the typical 1950s TV mom.

Dorothy Rodham encouraged her daughter and wanted her to have choices she didn’t have. Clinton’s other female role models were fictional, like reporter Brenda Starr and Jo March from Little Women. Nancy Drew inspired both Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. Their heroes include Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller, dancer Isadora Duncan and Maria von Trapp, whose story inspired The Sound of Music. But history is full of unsung “gutsy” women. You’ve heard of Joan of Arc, but have you ever read about her mother Isabelle Romée? She worked for decades to rescue her daughter’s reputation and reverse the Catholic Church’s charge that Joan was guilty of heresy.

Margaret Chase Smith was a groundbreaking member of Congress.

Margaret Chase Smith’s husband – Clyde Harold Smith – was a Republican congressman. When he fell sick during his first term, she took over his duties, then campaigned for his re-election in 1938. In 1940, he urged his supporters to back his wife. After he died, Margaret Chase Smith won the seat in a special...

About the Authors

Hillary Rodham Clinton served as first lady, senator from New York and US secretary of state. She became the first woman to win her political party’s nomination for president. Her daughter Chelsea Clinton advocates for women and girls through the Clinton Foundation.

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