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The Boredom Paradox

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The Boredom Paradox

How to Turn Boredom to Your Advantage

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Do you feel bored? Stave off apathy and develop creativity by using boredom to your advantage.

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For most people, boredom is an uncomfortable emotional state. However, when you learn to recognize the particular brand of boredom you’re experiencing, you can leverage your discomfort to discover new avenues of accomplishment, skill development and interests. Dr. Hannah England, a freelance medical writer, offers sage advice on how to prevent boredom from slowing you down, unless, of course, you want to use it as an opportunity to relax and daydream. England’s insightful article can help you transform your boredom from a frustrating emotional reaction into a positive opportunity.


Most people view boredom as a negative, uncomfortable state, but you can cast your perception of boredom in a positive light.

Boredom is not a modern phenomenon. Roman philosopher Seneca observed the idleness of boredom in the first century AD. Most people view boredom through a negative lens. It’s a state that makes people feel uneasy and restless. But if you put a positive spin on boredom, you can leverage it to increase your joy and creativity. This is the “boredom paradox.”

Boredom is not a universally homogeneous experience.

Individuals experience boredom in varying ways. Researchers have identified five different types of boredom, though most people habitually experience just one type, according to their individual personalities.

To reap the benefits of your boredom, you must first recognize the brand of boredom from which you suffer:

  1. Calibrating boredom – This is a yearning...

About the Author

Dr. Hannah England is a freelance medical writer.

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