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The Broken CEO

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The Broken CEO

How To Be The Leader You Always Wanted To Be

Chris Pearse,

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Leaders can move beyond stressful external challenges and achieve dynamic psychological growth.

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Standard leadership books seldom delve into psychological and emotional issues. Undaunted, Chris Pearse glories in these topics. His impressive how-to guide tells leaders how to move beyond stressful external challenges to achieve dynamic psychological growth, inner peace, and personal and professional fulfillment. He draws from his eclectic knowledge of engineering, yoga, psychology, metaphysics, leadership, and organizational and personal development. Pearse tells you how to boost your performance, meditate, avoid stress, resolve conflicts and establish creative collaborations.


You can change your perspective, cultivate self-awareness and feel whole again. 

Senior executives can experience difficult, even painful, professional upheavals that can leave them feeling undone, but your work life doesn’t have to be that way.  

If you manage yourself and your feelings well, being a CEO, senior executive or team leader can be an exuberant experience. This kind of self-management doesn’t require a radical reconstruction of your psyche, but you must take the necessary steps to get in touch with “your inner dynamics” or how you think and feel.

Try to identify and change any negative aspects of your personality that are amenable to change, while recognizing that some negative aspects may not be harder to alter. Accept that you can fix some parts of yourself, but not everything. Then, work on what you can modify. 

Think of your interior transformation as “self leadership.”

A dramatic mental transformation involves asking yourself some pivotal questions. When you begin to query yourself, you won’t know all the answers. Admitting you don’t ...

About the Author

Chris Pearse consults in government, education, nonprofits and the private sector. He coaches and delivers leadership development programs through his company Clarity Space.   

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