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The Bruce Lee Code

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The Bruce Lee Code

How the Dragon Mastered Business, Confidence, and Success

Career Press,

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Dive into Bruce Lee’s life, philosophy and films to see how he built a legacy and became a cultural icon.

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Bruce Lee expert Thomas Lee deciphers the martial arts legend's profound philosophies and diverse dimensions. The author is the lead curator of a Chinese Historical Society exhibit about Bruce Lee. He discusses Lee’s enigmatic wisdom in terms of practical applications and advice, offering insights from his transformative leadership journey. The driving forces behind Lee’s iconic work emerge from interviews with successful entrepreneurs he influenced and with his friends and family. Thomas Lee showcases Bruce Lee’s outlook to demonstrate how his multifaceted talent, perceptive observations, innovative ideas and solid values led to his success.


Bruce Lee was born in 1940 in San Francisco and died when he was only 32. 

Born in America, Bruce Lee grew up in Hong Kong where he studied martial arts. He returned to the United States to open a kung fu school. A television producer discovered Lee and cast him as Kato in the short-lived but popular television series, The Green Hornet. Due to racism and typecasting, Hollywood didn’t offer Lee any other meaningful roles. He returned to Hong Kong and made five films which together grossed more than $3.1 billion worldwide.

Lee, a pop culture dynamo, used his winning personality to introduce Eastern culture to a Western audience. Though he had no practical training as a filmmaker, Lee put his “vision, strategy and tactics” to work to build a media empire. He defines vision as your never-changing, overarching concept of what you or your organization does. Your strategy is the plan you put in place to achieve your vision. Tactics are the “actions, sequences and schedules” you or your company implement to execute your strategy.

Lee introduced...

About the Author

Thomas Lee, head curator for the Chinese Historical Society’s We Are Bruce Lee exhibit, is a prizewinning business journalist.

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