The Bullet Journal Method
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The Bullet Journal Method

Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future

Ryder CarrollPortfolio • 2018

Write It Down

by David Meyer

Renowned product designer Ryder Carroll offers a practical and meditative approach to organizing your life via an ancient artform: Handwriting.


Digital product designer Ryder Carroll suffers from attention deficit disorder. Frustrated by his disorganization, Carroll developed the “Bullet Journal” – or “BuJo” – method to keep track of all the moving parts in his life. His method can help you sort your goals, remember books you read or want to read, track your progress on achieving your resolutions, plan your vacation, and separate your crucial and mundane tasks.

In addition to explaining how his method works, Carroll – in this New York Times bestseller – includes reasons to turn the confusion in your head into orderly entries in your notebook. He offers his method to anyone ready to scrap productivity apps for the meditative peace of pen and paper.

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