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Digital product designer Ryder Carroll suffers from attention deficit disorder. Frustrated by his disorganization, he developed the “Bullet Journal” method to keep track of the moving parts of his life. His method can help you sort your goals, remember books you read, track your progress on special projects and prioritize your tasks. Carroll demonstrates why you want to scrap productivity apps for a tidy notebook and the meditative peace of pen and paper.

About the Author

Digital product designer Ryder Carroll is the creator of the Bullet Journal method and notebook.


The “Bullet Journal” method is modular. Use what works for you, and modify it however you like.

The Bullet Journal (”BuJo”) is an organized notebook that serves as an analog antidote to being overwhelmed. Your notebook, Carroll explains, gives you a quiet place to stop, reflect and focus with the goal of increasing your productivity. Carroll offers his method as a tool to ground you in mindfulness about where you are now and how that relates to where you want to go. The author suggests starting with the daily habit of looking inward to discover what’s really important to you.

The Bullet Journal isn’t only for keeping lists. Smartphones erode your attention span; the Bullet Journal forces you to go offline and think. A notebook is as flexible as you need it to be, unlike a productivity app designed by someone else. Writing by hand works better than using digital tools to help your brain learn and remember. “As soon as you put pen to paper,” the author writes, “you establish a direct link to your mind and often your heart. This experience has yet to be properly replicated in the digital space.”

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