The Case Against Sugar
A review of

The Case Against Sugar

Gary TaubesKnopf • 2016

Eat Less Sugar

by David Meyer

Award-winning science writer Gary Taubes details the damage sugar causes and the many disinformation campaigns that strive to keep Americans from consuming less sugar.

Award-winning science writer Gary Taubes unpacks the complex history of sugar as a cultural force and nutrient. He tells of doctors and nutritionists – whom the sugar industry funds – who maintain that dietary fat – not sugar – causes the so-called Western diseases of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. If you worry about whether to limit fat or sugar intake, Taubes offers clarity.

Renowned bestseller Michael Pollan said of Taubes, “I can’t think of another journalist who has had quite as profound an influence on the conversation about nutrition.” The New York Times called Taubes’s writing, “…both inflammatory and copiously researched. It is also well timed… Hard-charging (and I’ll add game-changing).” The Atlantic said, “Taubes builds his case through lawyerly layering of rich detail… Extraordinary and refreshing.”

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