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The Case for Inspiration

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The Case for Inspiration

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Learn how to cultivate a practice of inspiration which will revitalize your workplace and motivate your teams. 

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If you are like most people, you probably idealize the concept of inspiration – you know it’s incredibly valuable, but also feel that it’s often unattainable. Creative change and growth consultant André Martin explains why your preconceptions about inspiration are wrong. Inspiration is not a gift; it is a repeatable process you can learn. Martin offers concrete steps to cultivate a practice of inspiration for yourself and within your teams. A discipline of inspiration will revitalize your ability to innovate and solve problems, and give you a greater sense of  purpose in your life and your work.


Leaders can revive a burned out workforce by cultivating inspiration.

Employee energy and engagement has dwindled in recent years, harming productivity. Rather than simply pushing employees to power through, leaders should rethink the role of inspiration in the modern workplace. Inspiration – when an object or experience affects someone positively, and they use the resulting energy to create something meaningful and new – can transform your employees’ energy and motivation. 

Inspired employees, rather than being rote functionaries, become assets that truly advance a company’s mission. 

Inspiration is a process which people can learn, not a divine gift.

If you’ve ever watched an artist in the midst of their craft and sensed their excitement at bringing something new into the world, you may have felt both awe and jealousy...

About the Author

Dr. André Martin is a partner and consultant at Inspīr and former CLO at Google, Target and Nike. He guest lectures on design thinking and innovation.

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