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The 2018 US midterm elections revealed an unprecedented age gap between Democratic and Republican voters. Among voters under the age of 30, over two-thirds favored Democratic congressional candidates. Simple math of generational turnover suggests that Democrats could come to dominate American politics within the next decades – if they play their cards right. In an essay for The Atlantic, two researchers from different generations and opposing sides of the political spectrum explain the possible political implications of America’s party-realignment.

About the Authors

Niall Ferguson is Co-director of the Harvard Kennedy School’s Applied History Project. Eyck Freymann is a research analyst at Greenmantle. 



Americans born after 1981, who make up the Millennials and Generation Z, will form the majority of America’s eligible voters within the next 10 years. This will have a profound impact on American politics. Millennials and Generation Z identify strongly with the left-leaning political platform embraced by a new generation of Democratic Party politicians, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They are overwhelmingly supportive of universal Medicare, student-loan forgiveness and some form of a Green New Deal. Having come of age during the financial crisis and ground down by stagnant wages...

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    A. 3 months ago
    If millennials' political attitude is embodied by Cortez, I think the next age is even "after Millennials". Cortez is still a part of Jesuit, nothing new. She also advocated MMT... it is very difficult to look forward to her for digital natives with higher literacy. Millennials are very cynical enough to doubt Biden's Lady Gaga concert as an appeal for populism.

    Nationalization of infrastructure and end of people around light house of Alexandria can be frontier of the next age. We can not live in a fake world already.