The Compass and the Radar
A review of

The Compass and the Radar

The Art of Building a Rewarding Career While Remaining True to Yourself

True to Yourself

by David Meyer

Human resources expert Paolo Gallo offers career guidance through the prisms of staying true to your values and developing tactical understanding.

Paolo Gallo served as chief human resources officer at the World Economic Forum and director of human resources at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. He applies his considerable skills and intelligence to the crucial question: What makes a job perfect for you?

Few people understand what motivates them or provides fulfillment in the workplace, argues Gallo. Identifying your core values – your inner “compass” – and developing an in-depth understanding of workplace dynamics and structures – your “radar” – improves your chances of finding, and thriving in, your ideal job, he insists. Gallo applies his personal experience and wisdom from a variety of sources to offer practical help and insights.

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