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The Dawn of the Deep Tech Ecosystem

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The Dawn of the Deep Tech Ecosystem

Boston Consulting Group,

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The next revolution is taking shape today in the flat, collaborative ecosystems of deep tech.

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Deep tech promises to transform entire industries and societies through game-changing advances in health care, robotics, and other critical fields. But deep tech entrepreneurs are already changing the way innovation reaches the market, and staid, traditional corporations that want to participate are finding adaptation obligatory. A Boston Consulting Group white paper takes a deep dive into deep tech ecosystems, focusing on funding trends, ecosystem dynamics and recommendations for traditional players. Authored by Boston Consulting Group partners and managing directors Massimo Portincaso and Philippe Soussan and Hello Tomorrow co-founder and CEO Arnaud de la Tour, this report will interest investors, corporate or university partners, and entrepreneurs alike.


Deep technologies leap ahead to create significant impact, often disrupting the status quo.

The term “deep tech” refers to game-changing advances that can transform value chains, give rise to new markets and help solve tough societal problems. But they require significant investments in R&D – and plenty of patience and risk tolerance on the part of investors. Deep tech is emerging in seven fields: advanced materials, AI, biotechnology, blockchain, robotics, photonics/electronics and quantum computing. Advances in these areas can take a long time to progress from the lab to the market, but they also offer substantial returns on investments. Many deep tech start-ups promise to help address the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, particularly in the area of health and well-being, innovation, industry, and infrastructure.

Funding for deep tech is soaring.

Private investors are pouring funds into...

About the Authors

Massimo Portincaso and Philippe Soussan are partners and managing directors of the Boston Consulting Group. Arnaud de la Tour is the co-founder and CEO of Hello Tomorrow.

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