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The Digital Playbook

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The Digital Playbook

How to win the strategic technology game

FT Publishing,

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Learn how to navigate today’s digital landscape and leverage technology strategically for competitive advantage.

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Curious about how new technologies can transform your business? Professor of business technology Stephen Andriole aims this guide at leaders who want to navigate the digital world with confidence. Learn how to make informed decisions about the kind of digital transformation to pursue by meticulously matching technologies to your business goals and structure. Andriole discusses the significance of AI’s effects on businesses and provides insights into cybersecurity preparedness, among other topics. Regardless of your niche, this playbook equips you with the tools to gain a competitive edge.


To successfully leverage new technologies, you must understand your business’s current processes, strategy and structure.

To make technology work better for a business, you first need to understand how the business works. Just like you’d plan before painting a room or exercising for better health, it’s important to consider your business’s current strategy and processes and how technology can help. Many companies struggle with this initial step and, as a result, they don’t see hoped-for improvements when they add new technology to the mix.

Start with strategic thinking: Look at how the company runs and where you want it to go. Many leaders fail to address external challenges that could improve business functions due to their internal focus on management, budget and profits. Internal employees are often best equipped to deal with these external challenges because they know the company’s strengths and weaknesses and where implementing new technology could help most.

Leaders should include internal talent in creating overall business strategies. A strategic plan should consist of three primary...

About the Author

Stephen J. Andriole is the Thomas G. Labrecque Professor of Business Technology at the Villanova University School of Business.

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