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The Easy Way to Stop Drinking

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The Easy Way to Stop Drinking

A Revolutionary New Approach to Escaping from the Alcohol Trap

Sterling Publishing,

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Don't let alcohol ruin your life. You can cure your drinking habit.

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Allen Carr, author of the international bestseller The Easy Way to Stop Smoking, applies the same principles – see the poison for what it is and put it down – to help people deal with alcohol dependency. Carr says alcohol, like nicotine, is an addictive, poisonous drug that offers no benefits, only illusions. He forcefully disputes the long-held Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) belief that alcoholism is a fatal, incurable disease. In fact, he maintains that this fundamental AA tenet, largely supported by society and the medical profession, helps perpetuate alcoholism – which he calls a "plague on this planet." Instead, he says, you can cure your alcoholism, and he can tell you how. getAbstract recommends this book to those who want to know more about this strategy for putting a drinking problem behind you forever.


Nothing but the Truth

Alcoholics Anonymous has saved the lives of millions of drinkers who believe that sharing their experiences with fellow alcoholics is the key to recovery. Unfortunately, AA believes that alcoholism is a fatal disease that cannot be cured. Since AA is recognized as the authority in this field, that view has gone largely unchallenged – except by doctors who choose to keep a low profile. But AA's contention that recovery is slow and painful, and that drinking remains a lifelong problem is simply not true.

Once you understand the dynamics of alcoholism and apply some time-tested principles, you can immediately stop drinking without using willpower or suffering from withdrawal pains. Moreover, you will feel comfortable in social situations and you will be free from temptation. To quit, keep an open mind and maintain a positive attitude, even if you have failed in previous attempts to stop using alcohol.

Alcoholic or Not?

Alcoholics Anonymous believes that certain individuals are predisposed to alcoholism, and that a biological flaw causes them to want increasing amounts of alcohol if they have even one sip. Other experts acknowledge that...

About the Author

The late Allen Carr also wrote The Easy Way to Stop Smoking, The Only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently and How to Stop Your Child Smoking. His namesake organization runs clinics; issues audio, video and CD versions of his programs; and publishes The Easyweigh to Lose Weight and The Easy Way to Enjoy Flying.

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