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The Eloquent Leader

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The Eloquent Leader

10 Steps to Communication That Propels You Forward

Peter Andrei,

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Skilled leaders understand how to share profound ideas in accessible, yet persuasive ways.

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Peter Andrei shows you how to emulate the speaking skills of successful leaders by mastering 10 steps for communicating more effectively. He teaches you to think through your communication processes. Use powerful words. Be direct. Master the three languages of communication: verbal, body language and tone. And, boost your appeal with memorable words and phrases. Andrei provides a wealth of useful information and illustrates his techniques with helpful examples. 


Persuasive leaders use 10 tools for effective public speaking.

The world’s most engaging leaders have extraordinary communication skills. They can create mass movements by taking an idea they believe in and convincing others to adopt it. These leaders can make people act in particular ways and shape how they live. They communicate their faith in themselves, their concepts and their perceptions of the future. Such individuals wield extraordinary power because they can win in the only arena that matters: the battle of ideas.

Even the most dynamic leaders need supporters, and garnering supporters requires being able to communicate effectively. To have the effect you desire on others, you must present your thoughts clearly and compellingly and generate enthusiasm. An ineffective presentation undermines the persuasiveness of your ideas, but you can transmit information in a way that moves other people if you master the 10 key building blocks of forceful, persuasive public speaking. 

Start with a strong framework – Position your goal as a solution to your audience’s...

About the Author

Peter Andrei has trained numerous speakers and earned more than 25 awards as a competitive public speaker.

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