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The Everyday Warrior

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The Everyday Warrior

A No-Hack, Practical Approach to Life

Mike Sarraille,

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The journey you undertake in pursuit of a goal often imparts valuable wisdom.

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Achieving your goals is admirable, but often, the battles you fight along the way hold even more valuable lessons. In this heartfelt text, life coach Mike Sarraille applies military terminology to the process of overcoming everyday obstacles. “Everyday Warriors” learn from – and are not discouraged by – failure, he writes. They know how to leverage their soft skills, such as drive, resilience and a positive attitude, and how to balance their physical, mental and emotional needs. Sarraille’s examples and tips illustrate why shortcuts always disappoint, ​​​​and the journey is its own reward.


The “Everyday Warrior” uses failure as a teacher and motivator.

The “Everyday Warrior” believes the human experience is a lifelong learning opportunity, not a competition you win or lose. Everyday Warriors embrace the daily experience of education and growth.

To live the Everyday Warrior way, seek balance in striving toward your goals. Don’t let anxiety, depression, social isolation, apathy and frustration – the usual setbacks that steer people off track – deter you. Realize even when unsuccessful, the effort you put toward your goals motivates and teaches. Failure helps you learn perseverance. Assess your missteps realistically and resist the tendency to catastrophize. Focus on the next step after a failure.

Consider the Everyday Warrior’s traits: resilience, confidence, a positive attitude, and a drive to achieve and improve. Warriors are accountable, disciplined, pragmatic, vulnerable, humble and capable of honest self-assessment. By developing these characteristics, you, too, can take on an Everyday Warrior mind-set.

Balance your physical, mental and emotional needs to attain optimal, sustainable...

About the Author

Retired Navy SEAL officer and former Recon Marine Mike Sarraille founded Talent War Group, a leadership development and executive search firm. 

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    This book teach us never give up until you achieve your goal.
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