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The Experience Maker

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The Experience Maker

How to Create Remarkable Experiences That Your Customers Can’t Wait to Share

Morgan James Publishing,

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To remain relevant, brands must take the customer journey seriously and create positive, shareable experiences.

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Customer experience expert Dan Gingiss offers a practical and comprehensive playbook for boosting customer engagement. Building on the premise that consumers’ needs constantly evolve, Gingiss makes the case for positive, shareable customer experiences as the key to thriving amid uncertainty and an overwhelming online environment. He encourages brands to hire a chief experience officer, stressing that positive customer experiences enable brand survival. Gingiss draws on two decades of leading customer engagement at Discover, Humana, McDonald’s and a plethora of smaller organizations.


Inspire customers to share their positive experiences of your brand.

The most effective marketing and sales strategy: Provide unforgettable, positive and powerful customer experiences that people will share. Companies can’t stand out by creating content anymore; there’s too much of it. Six million new blog posts appear online every day. Instead, focus on customer experience.

To stand out, inspire customers to share their experiences of your brand with others: 20% of global customers choose brands because peers, friends or family members recommended them. Become an Experience Maker – a person who prioritizes the customer’s perspective, works to eradicate pain points and enhances customers’ brand experiences. 

Don’t lose customers due to your brand’s failure to create positive experiences. Customers share positive brand experiences more than they share mediocre ones. Still, nearly half of consumers say they will avoid a brand after learning of others’ negative experiences. Customers consider an experience negative when it forces them to take undesired actions. Find out how to transform negative experiences into positive ones. When you ...

About the Author

Dan Gingiss is chief experience officer at The Experience Maker, LLC. He is the author of Winning at Social Customer Care: How Top Brands Create Engaging Experiences on Social Media.

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