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The Fast Track to Digital Marketing Maturity

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The Fast Track to Digital Marketing Maturity

Boston Consulting Group,

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Third-party cookie data has crumbled. 

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When COVID-19 chased everyone inside the confines of their own homes, digital marketing accelerated into the future, and the companies that were ready are benefiting from the ripple effects. But what if your company is behind? In this special report, The Boston Consulting Group provides four accelerators to launch you toward digital marketing maturity. It won’t be easy to reach digital maturity, but it will be worth it, and though your company should have arrived yesterday, the next best time is now.


Your customers expect personalized offerings, but they’re also concerned about privacy.

The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly accelerated customer migration from brick and mortar to the virtual world, amplifying the need for digital maturity in companies across all industries. Companies that fail to keep up will be eclipsed by their digitally mature counterparts.

Digitally mature companies are learning that online consumers have two expectations: the expectation of privacy, and the expectation of personalization. To address consumer concerns about privacy, regulators have applied new standards to data collection, all but wiping out a wealth of data provided by third-party cookies. Companies would benefit from a first-party data strategy to satisfy customer demand for personalization, while also...

About the Authors

Kristi Rogers, Javier Pérez-Moiño, Henry Leon and Alberto Poncela are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group. 

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