The Financial Times Guide to Social Media Strategy

The Financial Times Guide to Social Media Strategy

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Business, Grow Your Network and Boost Your Career

FT Press, 2018




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Social media have transformed how people communicate and socialize. Corporate leaders recognize social media’s impact, but since many aren’t digital natives, they may not know how to plug the technology into their operations. Martin Thomas, a social media expert, explains how to use social media to gain competitive advantage for your organization, improve communications and corporate culture, and enhance marketing and your bottom line. Businesspeople at all levels will find this expert guidebook easy to read and understand.


Many organizations don’t use social media strategically.

Social media change how organizations recruit employees, research markets, serve customers, and communicate internally and externally. Social media are transforming the business world.

To stay viable, organizations must become active on social media. While most firms understand this imperative, few use social media strategically. They can’t accomplish much with an unfocused and uninformed approach. Your organization can learn to create and adopt an effective social media strategy.

Instead of trusting “tactics and technology,” develop a comprehensive social media strategy.

Social media represent a powerful tool, but many firms mistakenly put their faith in tactics and technology instead of adopting strategic thinking. This creates problems that affect their social media activities:

  • Without strategic planning, many social media tools waste money.
  • Ad hoc social media activities rarely align with organizational goals.
  • Many organizations create multiple “orphan” social media accounts with few followers...

About the Author

Martin Thomas is a digital communications consultant with Oxford SM and is the course leader for digital ad social media with the Institute of Directors. He has chaired more than 30 digital and social media conferences. 

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