The First 90 Days
A review of

The First 90 Days

Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels

Surviving Leadership

by David Meyer

Michael Watkins practical bestseller warns freshly promoted leaders: Your first 90 days as a new leader can make or break you. Here’s how to make sure they aren’t your last.

Michael Watkins, a Harvard Business School professor of business administration and an expert on accelerating leadership transitions, argues that new or newly promoted leaders are on the hot seat. He cautions that success in one leadership role doesn’t guarantee success after promotion to a new top slot. In this updated and expanded edition of his 2003 classic, Watkins maintains that just-promoted executives must always start fresh, build credibility, stay grounded, nurture relationships and carefully assess their new colleagues. His sound, pragmatic advice has found such a wide audience that this 2003 work remains Amazon’s number one bestseller in Organizational Change.

It’s your responsibility to adapt to your boss’ style; you need to adapt your approach to work with your boss’ preferences.Michael Watkins

Amazon editors chose this as one of the 100 Leadership & Success Books to Read in a Lifetime. wrote of Watkins, “His wisdom, and research, has helped many masterfully onboard into new positions.” The Globe & Mail called this, “A superb guide,” and T+D Magazine found it, “a valued resource for leaders just stepping into a critical new role — when first impressions matter so much, and every word or deed can tip the scale of public opinion.”

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    Excellent 90 day probation period strategies.
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    great and very helpful!