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The Future of Almost Everything

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The Future of Almost Everything

The Global Changes That Will Affect Every Business and All Our Lives

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Learn the “six faces of the future” with this trend-packed guide to 2030 and beyond.

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Neither science nor technology drives future change as profoundly as human emotions – how people feel and what they want for themselves and their loved ones. So argues futurist Patrick Dixon in this snappy guide to near-future trends. He analogizes the future as a great, spinning cube, with six faces spelling out the word “FUTURE”: “Fast, Urban, Tribal, Universal, Radical” and “Ethical.” Skipping from rapid change in politics and conflict to the ethics of radical biotech to the rise of “personal spirituality,” Dixon hurtles the reader up to 2030 and beyond, depicting a time of burgeoning diversity, promise and risk. Both conservative and speculative, Dixon offers a thought-provoking ride. getAbstract recommends his predictions to leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, students and all those who are thinking ahead.


“Tomorrow as History”

The years from now through 2030 will offer many of the threats and opportunities humanity will face in even the longer term. Picture a cube with faces inscribed “Fast, Urban, Universal, Tribal, Radical” and “Ethical.” This cube, spelling “FUTURE,” spins with the force of human emotions.

Fast: The Pace Accelerates

In today’s rapid-flow world, with few unchanging certainties, people value the solidity of stable things. Yet in an interconnected world, tiny events cause ripples, leading to quick waves of change.

A desire for stability creates advantages for enduring, family-owned firms. “Short-termist” companies stuck in the benchmarking rut will face difficulties and risk. Also expect:

  • Debt defaults and bigger, messier “boom and bust” cycles will dwarf today’s market volatility. Asian economies – fueled by aspirational middle class consumers – will surpass the growth of the European and US economies. Central banks will loosen the reins on inflation. Globalization will accelerate.
  • Most IT will go mobile. Antsy consumers will no longer tolerate slow, rigid, complex access. Small, cheap, fast and flexible are in the ...

About the Author

Patrick Dixon, a consultant, futurist and physician, founded AIDS Care, Education and Training Ltd. (CET), an international agency. His 16 books include SustainAgility and Futurewise.

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    P. L. 6 years ago
    I cannot see that religions will continue to grow. People will turn away from religion as it is seen as a major cause of conflict.
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    l. z. 7 years ago
    China encourage two child policy now
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    t. C. 8 years ago
    A positive view of our future, I wish we have great statesman to lead a peaceful progression, we will also need to do our share of positive actions to promote a great future.

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