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The Future of Bitcoin

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The Future of Bitcoin

12 Scenarios From Bullish to Bearish


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The future of bitcoin is wide open.

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When Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled the concept of bitcoin in 2008, few then understood the potentially transformative nature of the digital currency and its foundation, the blockchain. Today, bitcoin seems to be everywhere, deployed in myriad functions that represent just the tip of the iceberg, according to journalist Jeff Wilser. His informative essay describes 12 scenarios in which the cryptocurrency could either prosper or falter. Investors, technologists, and bitcoin owners will find this an insightful analysis.


Bitcoin could transform the financial system.

Bitcoin’s dazzling ascent is just one facet of a much deeper narrative centered on the future of the cryptocurrency. Opinions about its potential tend to fall into 12 possible scenarios: In the first, bitcoin will continue to expand its role as an alternative to gold and an inflation hedge. Bitcoin has established some beachheads in this arena as an asset in pension and sovereign wealth funds. Its holders – now numbering 130 million and perhaps reaching one billion by 2030 – could prosper. 

Another way bitcoin might upend the system is through its ...

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Jeff Wilser is an author and a journalist.

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