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The Future of Jobs Report 2020 summary

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Technological progress is reordering the global labor force. Educated workers with advanced skill sets are well-positioned to prosper in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. But those with limited capabilities are at growing risk of job loss and economic hardship. And COVID-19 only adds to the challenges. That’s the World Economic Forum’s sobering assessment of the state of labor markets in 2020 and beyond. Executives will find valuable data and solid recommendations in this comprehensive report on how to support a transition to “the future of work.”

About the Author

The World Economic Forum is an independent global organization that engages leaders of business, politics, academia and society to improve the state of the world.


Against the backdrop of COVID-19’s economic disruption, technology continues to reshape the global job market.

Advancements in areas such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence are upsetting traditional labor dynamics. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has increasingly harnessed technology in the workplace, using machine learning to a greater degree than before and challenging humans’ roles in a growing number of fields. 

COVID-19 is also shifting the working landscape toward greater technology use, as firms struggle to deliver...

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