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A lot has changed on the job front since the world locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As organizations reorient themselves to adapt to rapid technological change and rising customer expectations, finding the right talent and reskilling existing employees is a key priority. In this podcast episode, industry analyst Josh Bersin speaks to Recruiting Future host, Matt Alder, about the challenges and opportunities in the present and postpandemic talent acquisition space. His insights are particularly valuable for human resources professionals and senior leaders.

About the Podcast

Josh Bersin is a renowned industry analyst, author, adviser and educator focused on the topics of HR, leadership and workplace technology solutions. He founded Bersin by Deloitte. Recruiting Future host, Matt Alder, is a strategic consultant and globally recognized talent acquisition thought leader.


The COVID-19 pandemic upended the talent market.

The pandemic forced companies to change quickly into more digitally-oriented businesses. Retail companies transformed into distribution companies by investing in better apps and websites, and developing more personalized online customer support. Other organizations embraced new technologies to accommodate remote work.

Companies not only found themselves hiring more software engineers to implement these changes, but also, upskilling their own workforce. As more and more white-collar tasks get handed over to process automation technology, office workers must learn to use new tools. Businesses also need their workers to hone certain broadly applicable abilities that are becoming increasingly important, such as communication and collaboration skills. People...

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