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The Great Boom Ahead

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The Great Boom Ahead

Your Comprehensive Guide to Personal and Business Profit in the New Era of Prosperity


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If you know the baby-boomers’ spending patterns, you can predict the economy, from the turn of the century boom to the depression lurking when they quit spending.

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Harry S. Dent, Jr.’s book is remarkable both for the overall accuracy of its predictions and for the simplistic model upon which those predictions depend. Written in 1993, it claims a niche within the general family of "trend" books written by the likes of Alvin Toffler and John Naisbitt. The work anticipated our current era of super bullish markets, which it predicts will continue through 2007. The crystal ball drops a few items, given that a few years have passed since publication. Nonetheless, it offers a clear macroeconomic forecast and investment tool. If you sense the Fed just doesn’t get the New Economy, this is the book for you. getabstract recommends this book to those seeking to understand the United States’ era of record-breaking economic gains (and Japan’s current hard times).


Dollar Signs in a Crystal Ball

Disregard economists who tell you the economy is volatile and unpredictable. New tools that measure the population boom’s effect on the economy suggest that the U.S. is in for a prolonged economic boom, continuing throughout the coming decade. The pessimists will be wrong. The U.S. is in the midst of the greatest economic boom in history because of long-term trends that are completely predictable.

Talking about Your Generation

The Generation Wave is the secret to understanding the economy. All other economic waves or trends stem from this one. The Generation Wave shows how a generation influences the economy as it ages. The cycle is predictable. Each generation contributes technological and business innovations, and new social values. At its peak spending power, it stimulates an economic boom. The greatest Generation Wave, which is responsible for current U.S. prosperity, is the baby boomers.

Spend Cycles

The Spending Wave derives from the Generation Wave. Knowing a group’s age range, you can develop a dependable average of what members will spend, and that increases as their earnings peak. Once you know when people...

About the Author

Harry S. Dent, Jr.,  is a Harvard graduate and author whose business experience includes consulting and managing several small businesses. Known for innovative and sometimes controversial perspectives, he describes his mission as: "Helping people understand change." He currently resides in Oakland, California.

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