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The Heart of Laser-Focused Coaching

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The Heart of Laser-Focused Coaching

A Revolutionary Approach to Masterful Coaching

Marion Franklin,

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Coach your clients to find their own solutions.

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Master coach Marion Franklin helps clients move past entrenched, frustrating situations by unpacking the rigid thinking that may be holding them back. In a systemic fashion, she encourages coachees to probe deeply for the truth of their situation, so they can move forward without conflict. Full appreciation of this richly detailed method may require some prior coaching practice and reflection. New coaches, though, will also benefit from her deeply authentic approach.


The “Laser-Focused Coaching” method aims to help clients change their perspective, so they can move forward without conflict.

Whatever form of coaching you practice, aim to help clients understand their present circumstances and make positive change, based on clear priorities.Unlike conversations your clients might have with friends, coaching provides thought-provoking, nonjudgmental listening and prompting. It helps clients move toward self-awareness and discovery of the things and thinking that hold them back; it unveils what they need to change to move forward and leverages their strengths to reach their goals.

Laser-focused coaching adheres to these main tenets but involves a deeper focus on clients themselves: It helps clients probe their identities, beliefs, behavior and values to discover the root causes behind the situations and challenges they face. Acknowledge their deep expertise in themselves and, with questions that prompt them to think about what they truly want and need, help them gain new perspective and chart their own path toward their goals. Coaches work to set aside their own needs and interests in...

About the Author

Marion Franklin is a master coach, mentor and teacher. She is author of the audiobook, Life’s Little Lessons: Improve Your Life One Lesson at a Time.

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