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The Holistic Guide To Cold-Calling

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The Holistic Guide To Cold-Calling

A Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Create New Business Opportunities (The Vocal Bureau - What To Say - How To Say It & Who To Say It To)

Simone Laraway,

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What's inside?

Make cold calling a positive, productive selling tool. 

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For many salespeople, cold calling is a high-wire act without a net, but Simone Laraway relishes it. The consultant and speaking coach supplies the net and balancing pole salespeople need to get the most from making cold calls, often a thankless way to prospect and always a vocal challenge. To prepare you and your voice for success, Laraway explains how to become “phone ready” so you can transform cold calling from a regular form of self-abasement into a totally manageable – and even enjoyable – business exercise that delivers reliable financial rewards.


Cold calling can be a real moneymaker.

Many salespeople think cold calling is a painful experience to avoid at all costs. However, handled correctly, cold calling can be an enjoyable and profitable experience. Becoming a cold-calling expert transforms your prospect list into a valuable, profitable database.

Cold calling doesn’t have to be unpleasant. In its most basic form, cold calling is nothing more than striking up a good conversation. Effective cold calling requires being well prepared and taking these steps:

  • Define your business succinctly and characterize what makes it special.
  • Describe your business in one or two sentences you’ve honed for the phone. Prepare to quickly communicate the core of your company or your brand to any prospect.
  • Love the phone. To be effective, you should prefer the phone over email and enjoy talking to prospects on the phone.
  • Know exactly to whom you must speak at a company to secure new business and how to contact those specific people.
  • Have a professional phone manner.
  • Prepare the resources...

About the Author

Simone Laraway founded The Vocal Bureau to teach people how to connect with others using their voice.

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