The HR Scorecard
A review of

The HR Scorecard

Linking People, Strategy, and Performance

Align HR and Strategy

by David Meyer

A trio of experts empowers HR professionals to demonstrate that HR can boost profits and functionality.

Your company’s top brass should know how much impact your human resources department can have on profits – and you can show them quite precisely – according to this classic manual by three outstanding experts, Brian E. Becker, Mark A. Huselid  and Dave Ulrich. This trio of authoritative authors broke new ground in 2001 when they insisted that HR can contribute to a company’s bottom line.

Becker is chair of the Department of Organizations and Human Resources at the State University of New York in Buffalo. Huselid is an associate professor in Human Resource Strategy at Rutgers University, and Ulrich is a professor at the University of Michigan School of Business and a popular author in this field.

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