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The Knowledge Entrepreneur

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The Knowledge Entrepreneur

How Your Business Can Create, Manage and Profit from Intellectual Capital

Kogan Page,

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Why is knowledge creation, protection and development the newest corporate priority? For profit, why else?

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Some books offer a dollop of innovative thought, a portion of an effective review of previous ideas and a measure of practical application - without really excelling in any one aspect. A book without a clear overriding theme has trouble reaching its potential, especially in a field as well plowed as this one. Author Colin Coulson-Thomas tries to meet that challenge as he explains the growing importance of entrepreneurs in the fertile fields of knowledge. The author looks at knowledge capital from different perspectives: theoretical, practical, entrepreneurial and corporate. He hopes to help individuals and companies profit from their knowledge by marketing it through informational offerings or performance enhancing tools. However, he teaches, you can only maximize your information’s commercial potential if you truly understand its value. The book includes a CD-ROM and extensive checklists to help you consider your intellectual property initiatives from every angle. recommends this worthy effort to corporate leaders who want to protect and build their firms’ intellectual property and profit in the knowledge economy.


The New Gold: Information

You may not realize it, but the information in your head is worth a lot of money - if you know how to package and market it. Any working person gains essential, practical knowledge each day, whether delivering the mail or designing new operating software. In today’s information-based economy, revenue is closely linked to knowledge. If your personal knowledge is more marketable than you realize, what is the value of your organization’s knowledge? Few companies take advantage of their valuable information.

To capitalize on your knowledge base, understand how critically valuable it is. Information today travels by every imaginable means: by cable under land and sea, invisibly through wi-fi networks that link laptop users to the Internet, by satellite and cellular telephone. Now you can reach more people in seconds than have lived and died throughout most of recorded human history. As a result, tremendous rewards await those who successfully package their know-how. Best-selling authors, leading filmmakers and media gurus have figured out how to package and market what they know effectively, something most people are inept at doing. People struggle...

About the Author

Colin Coulson-Thomas was educated at the London School of Economics. His career in marketing and management has ranged from Europe, North and South America and India to China. He is currently Professor of Competitiveness at the University of Luton. He also is an active consultant on business development and strategy.

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