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The Laws of Lifetime Growth

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The Laws of Lifetime Growth

Always Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past


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To keep developing and tap into your special powers, follow these 10 potent laws of personal growth.

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Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura address the need for continuous personal growth, and show you how to lead a more fulfilling personal and work life. They provide encouragement, buttressed by personal stories about people who have faced the challenges or made the personal discoveries described in each chapter. The authors tell you how to live life with an inquiring mind and a desire to serve others. They offer 10 "laws" you can use to measure your success by assessing the ways you benefit others. If you need help making this constant journey at your own speed, slip this small book into your briefcase and consult it along the way. getAbstract recommends this quick read to stimulate your desire to accomplish great things.


The 10 Laws

Human beings need to grow in order to achieve a sense of fulfillment, meaning and happiness. But you stop growing when you live in the past, and dwell on unpleasant experiences or missed opportunities. To find insight and a new way of looking at life, you must break your current routine. You need to be revitalized.

The 10 "laws of lifetime growth" can help you accomplish this goal. They provide a foundation for future continuous growth; you can use them for a quick checkup or a more detailed self-analysis that can transform your life. Make these laws guideposts on your personal journey; they can prevent you from getting lost on the road to success. If you understand these laws, you will be able to recognize opportunities that can enhance your life and the lives of others. Use these 10 laws to embrace life and make the most of what you have:

Law 1: "Always Make Your Future Bigger than Your Past"

Your future is yours to design as you see fit. Even if you are successful, you need to keep growing. Ask yourself what your larger destiny might be. Imagining a larger and better future is the raw resource for personal growth. Test your skills and ...

About the Authors

Experienced planner and coach Dan Sullivan is the co-founder and president of a coaching firm. He wrote The Great Crossover, How the Best Get Better, The D.O.S. Conversation and The 21st Century Agent. Catherine Nomura has spent more than 10 years coaching and consulting. She is co-author of Unique Ability: Creating the Life You Want and editor of The Quotable Dan Sullivan.

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    M. S. 9 years ago
    Great book. knowledge is not power. is not what you know it is what you do. immediate gratification. if you want more you have to want to become more.