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The Leading Brain

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The Leading Brain

Powerful Science-Based Strategies for Achieving Peak Performance


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Live right: Sleep, exercise, eat a healthy diet and stimulate your brain to achieve “peak performance.”

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Neuroscientist Friederike Fabritius and consultant Dr. Hans W. Hagemann have decades of experience helping organizations understand and leverage brain science for better performance and productivity. They describe the influence of neurochemicals on human performance in an engaging, clear manner that laypeople can easily understand. They detail scientific techniques and insights that can induce peak performance, both by living well and healthfully, and by organizing work to stimulate the release of neurochemicals. Though some of the advice they offer sounds mundane – deep-breathing exercises, positive thoughts, power posturing or smiling to make yourself happier – the authors also provide applicable and original advice derived from the latest neuroscience. 


Knowing more about your brain can help you achieve moments of peak performance.

Many recent discoveries in brain science apply directly to business and leadership. This wealth of new insights from neuroscience can guide more effective organizational decisions, whether in personnel, finance or other areas.

People reach peak performance in different ways. Unfortunately, few know how to put themselves into that zone. A better understanding of how your brain works can guide you toward achieving peak performance more often or even at will. When you experience just enough stimulus to narrow your focus on a task, but not so much that it causes extreme fear or anxiety, you’re ready to enter the zone.

Your brain consists of about a trillion neurons that communicate chemically through neurotransmitters. The fact that your neurons aren’t physically connected lets them rearrange themselves and create new pathways for learning.

To perform at your best, activate the three neurotransmitters; they are the “DNA of peak performance.”

Three neurotransmitters matter most to your performance. They form the acronym “DNA.”

    About the Authors

    Friederike Fabritius and Dr. Hans W. Hagemann consult and lead leadership development training using lessons from neuroscience. 

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