The Lean Startup
A review of

The Lean Startup

How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses

Eric RiesCrown • 2011

Prescient Start-Up Advice

by David Meyer

Technology entrepreneur Eric Ries proves well ahead of his time in this valuable, honored 2011 guide to Lean start-up principles.

Eric Ries argues in this prescient 2011 book that start-ups must adopt new management styles to achieve sustainable growth. His management methodology, experiments in product development and insistence on learning about customers offer rich applications for any industry.

Ries is a technology entrepreneur, consultant to start-ups and entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Business School who also writes the blog Startup Lessons Learned. His book garnered raves from tech industry professionals who praised him for recognizing and codifying forces and processes at the time that most experts were still figuring out. Renowned venture capitalist and Silicon Valley pioneer Marc Andreessen said, “Eric has created a science where previously there was only art. A must read for every serious entrepreneur – and every manager interested in innovation.” Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, said, “I make all our managers read The Lean Startup.” 

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