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The Loyalty Leap

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The Loyalty Leap

Turning Customer Information into Customer Intimacy


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Most businesspeople don’t know what to do with customer data, but they’d better learn, and quickly.

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Author Bryan Pearson, president and CEO of LoyaltyOne, sees his work as the “scientific pursuit of unlocking the secrets that motivate consumer behavior.” Pearson knows who customers are, what they care about and what makes them tick. He finds that most businesses are shockingly misinformed about their customers, so he handily shows readers how to foster customer engagement, trust and loyalty by collecting, analyzing and applying consumer data. Pearson mentions his firm by name more than 50 times, which grows tiresome, but his advice makes good sense. getAbstract recommends his practical text to readers seeking to create a strong loyalty marketing program and to build a committed client base by generating enduring, profitable connections with customers.


Customer Loyalty

How important is customer allegiance? Do customer loyalty programs build lasting loyalty? Shell Oil’s experience in Canada during the 1990s answers both questions. At the time, fuel companies had built too many gas stations in Canada, and many of them didn’t meet customer expectations. Shell wanted to reduce its 2,500 Canadian stations to approximately 2,000. It planned to spruce up the outlets it kept open, turning many of them into more profitable self-service operations – and it planned to manage this complicated project without losing any market share.

Shell’s secret weapon was its partnership in the Air Miles reward program, a loyalty program that provided Shell with comprehensive information about its customers. By analyzing this valuable customer data, Shell determined which locations to close and which ones to renovate.

Analyzing Data

LoyaltyOne, the company that runs the Air Miles program, analyzed the program’s extensive customer sales data to determine Canadian members’ “driving patterns.” It developed a marketing program to convince existing Shell customers to fill up at the company’s new locations. Air Miles loyalty members...

About the Author

Bryan Pearson is president and CEO of LoyaltyOne, a global leader in coalition loyalty programs, customer analytics and loyalty services for clients around the world.

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