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The Need For Speed

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The Need For Speed

Four Recommendations to Turbo-Charge Digital Performance in the Automotive Industry

Capgemini Research Institute,

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The automotive industry needs to hit the gas pedal when it comes to digital transformation.

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The Capgemini Research Institute picked the brains of 174 automotive executives from 85 organizations to better understand how the industry is embracing digital transformation. They then compared that data with information collected from 1,300 executives working in 750 other global organizations. Their conclusions? The automotive industry is falling behind the digital curve. This special report explains how partnerships, innovation platforms, digital self-service options, a digital hub within the company and enhanced data analytics can help move the auto industry in the right direction.


The automotive industry is lagging when it comes to digital transformation.

Research suggests that only 30% of automotive organizations have the digital capabilities that they need to forge ahead in their digital transformation journey; and just 32% have the leadership capabilities needed for the task. Companies talk about creating opportunities for employees to develop digital skills and hiring the right talent, but most are lagging behind global averages for these initiatives.

The automotive industry also needs to improve its use of social media, mobile channels and data collection to maintain a strong understanding of their market. The industry would benefit from creating new business models based on the advantages provided by digital technology.

Enhance the buying experience by providing digital self-service options.

Brick and mortar stores are struggling in every industry. The United States lost 105 million square feet of retail space in 2017 alone, and the trend is unlikely to slow. In 2015, 35% of consumers expressed an interest in buying their next car online; in 2017, that number shot to 42%. Customers are tired ...

About the Authors

Contributing authors for this special report include Jerome Buvat, the global head of research, Shahul Nath an associate consultant, Nick Gill the executive vice president of the Global Automotive Sector, and Marisa Slatter, a manager at the Capgemini Research Institute. Markus Winkler is the Executive Vice President of Automotive at Capgemini Invent, and Dr. Rainer Mehl is the executive vice president and managing director of manufacturing, automotive and life sciences at the Capgemini Research Institute.

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