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The New Extraordinary Leader, 3rd Edition

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The New Extraordinary Leader, 3rd Edition

Turning Good Managers into Great Leaders


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Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman update their classic on the keys to strong, ethical, effective leadership.

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In this thorough, third edition of their 2002 classic, leadership-development expert John H. “Jack” Zenger and psychometrician Joseph Folkman – who studies how to measure people’s knowledge, skills and abilities – use statistical analysis, extensive data and research-based judgment to present unique insights into leadership. Their initial book cataloged 20 leadership insights; this edition offers 33. Zender and Folkman offer advice derived from their observations about leadership and the core competencies leaders need, and they frame their research findings as actionable tips.


Leadership is a complex, often mystifying area of study with numerous variables, systems and unknown factors.  

Leadership takes place in a multitude of environments, involves a variety of skills and encompasses many diverse activities. Leadership methods, formats, styles and strategies vary tremendously.

So, how can companies measure a leader’s effectiveness or determine if a leader is good or bad? Experts can’t define a perfect style of leadership or prove, empirically, that particular strategies are right or wrong. They can’t assess a leader’s effect on crucial constituencies, such as customers and shareholders. 

Leadership’s goal is to make sure employees operate at peak performance, but forms and styles of leading vary tremendously. Organizations can pay attention to leaders’ strengths and weaknesses, however, and can focus, in particular, on their core competencies.

Nineteen core competencies distinguish superior leaders.  

These powerful competencies call on the combinations of skills, knowledge and personal qualities that enable leaders...

About the Authors

John H. “Jack” Zenger and Joseph Folkman, PhD, are co-founders of Zenger Folkman, a leadership development and organizational effectiveness consultancy.

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