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The New Freelancers

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The New Freelancers

Tapping Talent in the Gig Economy

Boston Consulting Group,

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If your company hasn’t already integrated freelance talent, it likely will in the coming years. Are you ready?

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Society seems unsure about how to react to this new breed of workers – freelancers, digital nomads, location-independent workers and all those who participate in the gig economy. Are they a new underclass, orphaned and begging for scraps at the table of the digital economy? Or are they the lucky ones who’ve managed to grasp the ever elusive phantom of work-life balance? This Boston Consulting Group report might not definitively answer whether freelancers should be the objects of pity or envy, but it will supply solid information about how to deal with these freewheeling elements if your own company chooses to integrate them and their services.


If your company hasn’t already integrated freelancers, it probably will soon enough. Six tips can make it a smoother transition:

  1. “Embrace gig work and labor-sharing platforms to increase your company’s flexibility”  Companies must respond to evolving customer needs quickly, and sometimes that means hunting for temporary employees with unique skill sets. Freelance platforms streamline the search, allowing contact with all kinds...

About the Authors

Judith Wallenstein, Alice de Chalendar, Martin Reeves and Allison Bailey are professionals at the BCG Henderson Institute, the Boston Consulting Group’s strategy think tank.

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