The New Map
A review of

The New Map

Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations

New Geopolitics

by David Meyer

Pulitzer Prize–winner Daniel Yergin details today’s map of geopolitical power through the prism of energy and economics.

Pulitzer Prize–winning author, speaker, energy expert and economic historian Daniel Yergin details how economic and military dynamics between countries and energy supply and distribution shape geopolitics. Yergin explains how changing patterns of energy extraction and distribution powerfully affect the United States, China, Russia and the Middle East. The US revolution in shale oil and gas, the author finds, transformed the world’s energy markets and made the United States the premier source of oil and gas, and a major exporter.

This Wall Street Journal bestseller and USA Today Best Book of 2020 garnered Yergin the American Energy Society’s Energy Writer of the Year award. NPR called this, “A master class on how the world works.” The Wall Street Journal regarded it as, “Reportorial and supremely readable – no mean feat among geostrategy tomes.” And The Economist found Yergin’s insights, “Brisk and authoritative, an impressive combination.”

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