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Are you ready to become a “biological networked appliance”? That’s the next big thing, according to Scott Snyder, technology maven and scenario planner. He predicts a device-filled future, offering remarkable digital simulations, Internet “bots” filtering out data that doesn’t fit your interests, and a digital network that will surround, monitor and cater to you. Welcome to the wonderful world of 4G wireless. As fanciful as it sounds, such a future is just around the corner, for your company as well as yourself, thanks to advances in wireless technology, artificial intelligence and biotechnology. Snyder explains how organizations should plan for 4G and what it portends. getAbstract recommends Snyder’s thorough report and analysis to CEOs, information technology executives and anyone who wants to prepare for the radically new world of wireless.


Your Networked Life to Come

Picture yourself in your office or home. Information streams flow around you. Using your mobile device, you coordinate a variety of activities from your chair. Your “bot,” or Web robot, filters out irrelevant information and ensures that what you see or hear fits your interests. You engage in multiple conversations simultaneously with colleagues or friends’ virtual profiles. Your mobile device constantly monitors your health and feelings via a surrounding “personal network.” In this wireless world, your life and work merge seamlessly. As a “biological networked appliance,” you can connect with the global communications grid whenever and wherever you choose.

Is such a scenario sheer science fiction? Not at all. The stage is set. This new reality is on the horizon. Currently, almost four billion people utilize wireless devices. The technology is evolving rapidly as users apply it in dramatically new ways.

What Is a “Digital Swarm”?

Wireless technology already affects individual behavior. Globally, people are connecting over wireless platforms to collaborate, innovate and effect change. These independent, self-governing users ...

About the Author

Scott Snyder is president and CEO of a scenario-planning consultancy. He is also a senior fellow at The Wharton School and an adjunct associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

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