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The Power of a Graceful Leader

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The Power of a Graceful Leader

Alexsys Thompson,

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Grace takes leadership to a higher level.

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Executive coach Alexsys Thompson explains how connecting with your purpose, adopting an attitude of gratitude and guiding people with grace will transform your life and how you lead. Her advice applies not only to managers and executives, but to anyone searching for meaning and inspiration. Exploring your inner self takes commitment and mindfulness, Thompson recognizes, but, she argues, the rewards more than compensate for the difficulties of the journey.


Your journey within leads to graceful leadership.

Graceful leaders understand their purpose, and practice authenticity and accountability in both their professional and personal lives. Embarking on graceful leadership is challenging, but it can be one of the most important missions you’ll undertake.

Graceful leadership requires you to connect with the love, compassion and authenticity of your inner self. Many otherwise kind-hearted, courteous people are nasty and obnoxious at work. Conversely, strong decisive leaders within an office setting – particularly women – can become timid and feel powerless at home. This inability to align various aspects of your personality creates significant emotional and physical stress. Forming a complete and reliable version of yourself calls for a candid evaluation of who you are now, and who you would like to become. Graceful leadership is predicated upon this self-analysis.

Grace enables you to handle any situation. You can show empathy toward a team member struggling with a personal issue and, in the next minute, confidently preside over an important meeting. Graceful leaders understand that their job...

About the Author

Board-certified executive coach Alexsys Thompson serves as adjunct staff for The Center for Creative Leadership.

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