The Power of Giving Away Power
A review of

The Power of Giving Away Power

How the Best Leaders Learn to Let Go

Matthew BarzunPortfolio • 2021

Share To Succeed

by David Meyer

Former US Ambassador to the United Kingdom Matthew Barzun offers an articulate methodology for sharing knowledge and power in mutually beneficial collaborations.

Matthew Barzun, a board member of the National Constitution Center and former US ambassador to Sweden and the United Kingdom, builds a compelling case for achieving collaborative, inclusive leadership through diversity, cooperation and co-creation. He offers telling examples, including the work of leadership guru Mary Parker Follett and Barack Obama’s campaign style, which Barzun experienced from the inside. He makes his points so effectively you may mourn that so few leaders embrace his methods.

Barzun’s wide-ranging scholarship and astonishing multilevel understanding of history, politics, literature and management demonstrate that he is a singular thinker, with a holistic view of human processes few can equal. Happily, he explains this view so well that everyone can share his values and, perhaps, find inspiration.

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    M. H. 1 month ago
    Thank You Very Much! Most Of David Meyer's summery are Comprehensive ,perfect, to the point, practical and finally true knowledge!

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