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Many people would rather try to flush a snarling bobcat down the toilet than give a speech. Indeed, individuals often rate public speaking as a primary fear. Delivering a speech summons the same jacked-up “fight or flight” response that animals depend upon to survive predator attacks. Your breathing rate shoots through the roof. You cannot think clearly. You are suddenly in severe physical crisis. Unfortunately, when you give a speech, you cannot fight your way out of trouble or run away from it. Instead, you must somehow stand there calmly, and speak in a coherent, compelling fashion. Premier speaking coach Jerry Weissman shows how to quell those stressful feelings. In this clearly written book – which features an attractive design that makes his examples particularly easy to follow – he provides a comprehensive set of public speaking techniques to help you win over any audience. getAbstract is glad to speak up for this book and its fascinating case histories about famous speakers, including an insightful analysis of the fateful 1960 U.S. presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. History might have been different if Nixon had read Weissman’s book before he went on TV. If you hope to rise in sales or business, not to mention politics, you must be able to give a great presentation – this book will show you how.


You Can Become a Powerful Presenter

In 1990, Cisco Systems, a communication technology company, introduced its initial public offering (IPO). CEO John Morgridge went on the road to make presentations to potential investors. As an experienced businessman, he was more than competent to deliver the facts and figures about his company in a clear, compelling fashion. However, Morgridge was not a presentations expert. Plus, Cisco is a highly technical entity, so its “IPO story” could have been confusing for some people. Morgridge invested in presentation coaching so he could tell Cisco’s story in the strongest possible way. This investment paid a huge dividend. Originally, the company expected its IPO to sell at $13.50 to $15.50 per share, but the actual price was $18. Morgridge told the media he felt presentation coaching made the difference in his results. You can develop the same presentation skills.

How Much Do Your Words Matter?

When it comes to public speaking, the words you use are not as important as how you use them (vocal delivery) and how you present yourself (body language). Look at this breakdown:

  • Words account for only 7% of the impact ...

About the Author

Jerry Weissman has coached hundreds of IPO presentations. Fortune magazine named his book Presenting to Win as one of eight “must-read” titles.

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