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The Presentation Coach

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The Presentation Coach

Bare Knuckle Brilliance For Every Presenter


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If you’d rather hide under the podium than give a speech, help is at hand.

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This book is different from many other volumes of useful presentation tips in that it provides a sequential process that eliminates any uncertainty about the quality of what you are going to say. Professional speaker and presentation consultant Graham Davies provides a rigorous, adaptable method for writing and delivering an effective speech, no matter what the situation and how little notice you have. While his visual material can be a little disorganized, his style is straightforwardly blunt, sometimes to the point of being confrontational (if a sprinkling of coarse language upsets you, be forewarned). Nonetheless, getAbstract finds he offers a proven, easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to making outstanding presentations.


You Present All the Time

In both formal and informal settings you are always presenting, that is, attempting to change someone’s viewpoint by speaking. The following armory of techniques is called the “Bare Knuckle Method” because it encourages you to think of yourself as constantly fighting for the attention of an audience and it prepares you to win.

The method is based on the principle that every presentation should have a “Micro-Statement” at its core. The micro-statement is what you would say if you only had 10 seconds to speak, a shining jewel that is so valuable your audience members will take it away with them and share it. Use the “Preparation Pipeline” for preparing your micro-statement and all the other content in your presentation.

Going Through the Presentation Pipeline

To prepare your presentation, precisely follow this sequence of steps:

1. Decide What Your “Knockout Result” Would Be

This is the absolutely ideal result you want your presentation to achieve. For instance, “I want to persuade [my listeners] to invest their entire pension fund with this company.”

2. Analyze Your Audience

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About the Author

Former barrister Graham Davies is a professional speaker and presentation consultant for senior executives, politicians and celebrities.

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