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When the story of Monica Lewinsky’s affair with Bill Clinton, then US president, broke online in 1998, Lewinsky was virtually skewered and vilified. In her words, “I was patient zero of losing a personal reputation on a global scale almost instantaneously.” Today, cyberbullying and online cruelty have created “a culture of humiliation.” Lewinsky now speaks out against cyberattacks, advocating for compassion and empathy both on- and offline. getAbstract admires Lewinsky’s courage to step back into the limelight and believes her personal story will move and inspire you.


At the age of 22, Monica Lewinsky made a poor judgment call. She fell in love with her boss, a married man, who happened to be the president of the United States. In 1998, when the scandal broke on the Internet, a then relatively new technology, Lewinsky paid a heavy price for her error. She became the butt of cruel jokes and the target of unprecedented virtual condemnation. She experienced total humiliation, and her reputation lay in tatters. Today, this type of online harassment has a name: cyberbullying.

Lewinsky was just 24 when the Starr Report publicized recorded phone...

About the Speaker

Monica Lewinsky is a social activist who advocates for creating a safe and supportive online culture.

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