The Price of Tomorrow
A review of

The Price of Tomorrow

Why Deflation is the Key to an Abundant Future

Jeff BoothPage Two • 2020

Technology Disrupts

by David Meyer

Entrepreneur Jeff Booth offers an overview of impending societal and economic changes.

Selected by Goldman Sachs as one of its 100 most intriguing entrepreneurs, Jeff Booth is the co-founder of BuildDirect. His experience grappling with the dynamics of online platforms and artificial intelligence leads him to believe that technology will fundamentally overturn long-held economic precepts. Prices will fall and jobs will disappear, he writes in this sometimes-contrarian take on the future economy, but those changes will bring cheaper living and greater abundance. Economists may quibble with some of his arguments, but Booth clearly depicts developments that are only now beginning to emerge.

Salim Ismail, the founding executive director of Singularity University and best-selling author of Exponential Organizations, said, “As someone who understands the exponential rate that technology is advancing, Jeff Booth has a unique ability to connect the dots to something bigger…Few books offer a more succinct, provocative and enlightening view of the world as it is today, and what it could be tomorrow.” Founder of the Creative Destruction Lab Ajay Agrawal noted that, “in a sweeping analysis that draws upon economics, science, innovation, politics, psychology, sociology and business, Jeff offers an intriguing thesis predicated on the deflationary impact of technological advances, coupled with increasingly easy credit.”

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    M. B. 2 years ago
    Governments should stop borrowing and printing money . They will keep borrowing and printing money because is not their money and they don't have to give it back. That's how they think and people vote them . Jump to the arena and tell people you will not borrow , you will not print and you will save money. Nobody will vote you. That's how we are now.

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